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Outstanding Contribution To Iron Game History – John D. Fair

Randy Roach has made an outstanding contribution to iron game history with volume one of Muscles, Smoke & Mirrors. I’ve learned much from it, especially about the intimate connection between bodybuilding, which no one has really explored in quite the same depth and length. Randy’s love and understanding of the iron game is evident throughout […]

An Absolute Gem – Dr. Ron Schmid

Randy Roach has written an absolute gem in Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors, his history of the nutritional origins of bodybuilding. Highly entertaining, erudite, and right on in its incredible insights into fundamental nutritional wisdom, you’ll find this fascinating book invaluable in building not only muscles and fitness but also lasting health. If you work out, […]

Most Comprehensive Book on History Of Bodybuilding – Nelson Montana

MS&M may be the most comprehensive book ever written on the history of bodybuilding. Randy Roach has combined exhaustive research with extraordinary detail to present a piece that is unbiased in nature with regard to how the lifestyle and business of bodybuilding was shaped by the supplement industry and eventually by the use of steroids. […]