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Muscle Insider Review
This just in. Jaime Filer has reviewed Book 1 of Volume III in Muscle Insider. Have a look here: Muscle[...]
Boyer Coe: Finest Effort
Randy, in my humble opinion, without a doubt this is your finest effort in your trio of Muscle, Smoke &[...]
John Kiiha: Truth Always Hurts
Randy, I finished reading the book last night , I always knew what happened at the 1980 - 81 Mr.[...]
Charles Gaines: Well-Written And Gripping!
Great job on “The Comebacks”. Very balanced and fair account, well-written, and gripping! Congratulations. Charles Gaines, Author of Pumping Iron
Steve Speyrer: Excellent Read
Couldn't put it down. Excellent read.   Steve Speyrer, Author of Classical Anatomy Bodybuilding
Ken Sprague: Profound And Relevatory
Randy's latest foray into the world of competitive bodybuilding is both profound and revelatory; a compelling narrative that winning the contest[...]
Joe Roark: Excellent Book About A Tragic Period In Bodybuilding
I have finished reading Randy's latest book, and will say that he has a wonderful way of organizing various inputs to[...]
Bill Hinbern: Terrific Job Of Research
An outstanding history of a particular interesting and popular part of the history of bodybuilding...Randy did a terrific job of research. [...]
Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors – Volume III – Book 1 Launches December 16th, 2015
I can officially say that the first book of Volume III, covering the early 1980s, titled "The Comebacks" will be[...]
Clarence Bass’s Review Of The Prologue of Volume III Book 1
A Taste of Randy Roach's Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors Trilogy We've long wondered about Randy Roach's examination of the world[...]