Boyer Coe: Finest Effort - Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

Boyer Coe: Finest Effort

Randy, in my humble opinion, without a doubt this is your finest effort in your trio of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors!  I really don’t know what you can possibly do to top this work.  There is no doubt that you put a book together better than anyone I have ever seen.

Boyer Coe
1969 AAU Mr. America

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Kit Laughlin

Randy, on reading Volume III, book I, many aspects of the events of the infamous 1980 Mr Olympia contest became clear. I had tunnel vision at the time; I was the director of The Comeback at the time, and I shot one of the six cameras used at the Opera House, in Sydney.

I very much appreciate the insightful way you dealt with The Comeback in your book; legitimately, you could have been much more critical!

Your book is a genuine ‘bird’s eye view’ of the many machinations behind the scenes of the Mr Olympia and gives a detailed look at the world behind the magnificent humans standing on the stage. Thank you.

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