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Randy’s Biography in Health & Strength Magazine

Randy on Rheo Blair on PowerQuest

Boyer Coe and Randy pay homage to Joe Weider

[VIDEO] Mike Petrella Interviews Randy

Truly Huge Interviews Randy Roach

Charles Welling’s Interview with Randy Roach

News Release for Volume II, click here

Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors Volume II Prologue

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Interview with Fitness Business Canada Magazine

Full Article in PDF (Page 1, Page 2)


Randy on Rheo Blair on PowerQuest – April 2014
Boyer Coe and Randy pay homage to Joe Weider – April 2013
Interview by Dominik Feischl of Power Quest – March 2012
Pam Killeen and Andy Oudman interview Randy Roach – January 2012
Sean Croxton Interviews Randy Roach – August of 2011
Muscle Smoke & Mirrors with Jimmy Moore – August of 2011″
Remembering Jack LaLanne with Dan Lurie- January of 2011
Raw Food and Bodybuilding with NGA Natural Mr. USA Josh Trentine – January of 2010
The Women… on Superhuman Radio in June of 2009
Industry magazines with Superhuman Radio in February 2009
Training Blind on Superhuman Radio in January of 2009
The Amazing Hunza on Superhuman Radio in December of 2008
The impact of Arthur Jones on Superhuman Radio in November of 2008
Map of Human Consciousness on Superhuman Radio in October of 2008
General interview on Herbaly Yours in September of 2008

Web Interviews

May, 2009 with Chris Colucci of
December, 2008 with Paul Becker of
March, 2006 with Dave Robson of