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Deserves To Be A University Text Book

This book is so well written and researched that it deserves to be a University text book for nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and physical educators. What I particularly liked about it, is that Randy blends the knowledge of many sciences to explain the evolution of nutrition/supplementation through the bodybuilding movement, from anthropology to Dr. Hawkins’s mapping […]

Extensive Research

After many years of extensive research and hundreds of interviews, Vol. II of ‘Muscle, Smoke, & Mirrors’ picks up where Vol. I left off.  As usual, Randy has outdone himself with the depth and quality of his work. I especially liked the sections of the book that covered Arthur Jones, Nautilus, the improvement of machines, […]

A Remarkable Book!

Randy Roach has written a remarkable book that provides a new dimension to our understanding of the history of physical culture by focusing on nutrition. Though it sprang to life outside of normal academic channels, Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors exhibits some of the most important qualities of scholarship – extensive research, comprehensive coverage, ample contextualization, […]

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