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Surpasses All Expectations – Sifu Patricia Fievoli

Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors, Volume II, The Pumping Iron Years…Nautilus Emerges, SURPRISING, EYE-OPENING, SURPASSES ALL EXPECTATIONS! As a martial artist, I have an interest in health and strength development.   Having no prior knowledge of the “Iron Game”, I found Volume I thoroughly enjoyable, and anxiously awaited the release of Volume II. Volume II is outstanding!  […]

Definitive Resource Of Physical Culture – Ed Spielman

“Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors” is the definitive resource for anyone interested in Physical Culture, bodybuilding and allied subjects. Exhaustively researched, brilliantly written and with rare historical photographs. Randy Roach has produced the ‘go to’ book, the complete chronicle of the Iron Game.   – Ed Spielman, Creator of “KUNG FU”, ABC-TV Series, Author of “The […]