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Randy’s Biography In Health & Strength

October 26, 2015

The following is a 4,000 word biography published over three issues of Health and Strength magazine (January, April, July) based in the UK.  Health and Strength is the longest running Physical Culture magazine beginning its run back in 1898.  It was an honour to be featured in their publication and my thanks to Roy Edwards […]

My new podcast

I’m excited to announce that I partnered up with my friend, Tamas Acs for a regular podcast titled The World Of Muscle where we discuss anything and everything that has to do with Muscle. Check it out on iTunes or on its own website:

A Magnificent Grip on Pulldowns!

With over 40 years of interaction within the bodybuilding and exercise industry, I had for some time come to believe that there really wasn’t anything all that new and exciting in the realm of resistance strength training. Many gizmos, most of little use, had come and gone over the decades. The tried and true muscle […]

Get A Grip

Looking back well over a hundred years at the emergence and growth of the fitness industry it is amazing to see the breadth of equipment that has evolved into the crazy market we see today. There have actually been some very effective tools going right back to the dawning of the basic gymnastic apparatus, to […]

Paying Homage To Larry Scott On Super Human Radio

Guests: Dr. John Read – Randy Roach – Blake Ricketts Dr. Read discusses antidepressant prevalence of use and their undesirable effects. His group published a study of over 1800 participants, the largest of its kind. His mission is to get physicians to reconsider antidepressant use as a first-line alternative when treating their patients as well […]