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Bill Hinbern’s Review Of Muscle Smoke & Mirrors

For over 45 years I have been in the unique position to have had the opportunity to read just about every book, course, or magazine on physical culture in the English language.  Unfortunately, much of what has been written is either a rehash of one or more previous publications, carrying on the same blatant errors, or a clever marketing vehicle with an obvious self-serving agenda.  And, more importantly, in either case, little or no research has been done because of publishing deadlines.  Even today, even the best writers can tend to get lazy and rely on the massive amounts of information that is readily available on the internet.

Few writers want to take the time and make the effort to roll up their sleeves and dig deep by utilizing other avenues for accuracy.  This is what impresses me the most about Randy Roach’s two volume set called, “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors”…His research.  That is, in many cases, the relentless, tireless, unashamed manner in which he sought out every bit of accurate information that he could through, not only, the internet, magazines and newspapers, but interviews with those that had “been there”.

While I was well aware of most of the material and, therefore, its accuracy in volume one through my previous knowledge, I actually “lived” during the era covered in volume two, and followed what happened as it unfolded.  I knew many of the people that the author interviewed, I spoke to them by telephone, I had extensive correspondence with many of them.

To say that the author did exhaustive research to produce this two volume set, is a TREMENDOUS understatement!  That being said, I highly recommend “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors” – Volume I and II by Randy Roach to anyone who wants accurate information and to know how it really was during the time he outlined in physical culture history.

Bill Hinbern
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