High Intensity Training Interview of the Month: Randy Roach - Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

High Intensity Training Interview of the Month: Randy Roach

Our High Intensity Training Interview this month features a man who knows more about the history of the iron game than anyone I have ever met–author, trainer, trainer of trainers, and overcomer of obstacles, Mr. Randy Roach.

Randy Roach is a retired computer programmer who spent over 15 years developing systems in both the museum and environmental engineering professions.  He has written and been published in 3 different fields.  Randy now makes his living as an author and private health and training consultant in his home in Ontario, Canada.

Randy is also the author of the 2 most complete and fascinating books, bar none, on the history of strength training, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and anything that has anything to do with those things–”Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors”, Volumes One and Two.

Volume One covers the historical beginnings of strength and muscle building, and takes us up to the 1970′s.  Volume Two deals primarily with the fitness boom of the ’70′s, focusing on the 2 main influential figures of the day, namely bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nautilus inventor/High Intensity Training forefather Arthur Jones.

And as far as overcoming obstacles goes, try this one on for size–Randy is blind.  So the next time you’re complaining about your problems, think about this guy, who is a professional personal trainer, and author of 2 books of over 600 pages each, despite not being able to see–and then stop complaining.

Now go find a comfortable chair, grab your favorite beverage, and prepare to be schooled as Randy covers:

  • How watching the Beverly Hillbillies got him interested in training
  • The little-known contributions of Bob Hoffman to the health and fitness of the Nation
  • The behind-the-scenes story of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors I and II-what motivated him to write them, the challenges he faced, and what he learned that he didn’t anticipate
  • His unique perspective on Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more (the guy is like a walking encyclopedia)
  • Why he was forced to build his own home gym, and the cool stuff he has in there
  • His experience with different exercise machines and equipment (includes some great training tips)
  • How he determines what will work for his training clients
  • The history of strength coaching, starting with the NFL in 1966
  • And much, much, much more!

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