Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors Volume I - Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors
(562 pages)
  • Who were the true originators of bodybuilding?
  • From where did the sport arise, and how did it struggle and fight for its own identity?
  • See the bizarre beginnings of the International Federation of Body Builders!
  • Did the disruptive antics of the sport’s early framers set bodybuilding on a doomed course?
  • What exactly is Physical Culture?
  • Who were the sport’s early nutritional pioneers?
  • What primitive cultures shared commonality with the early Physical Culturist’s diet templates?
  • What dietary diversity in bodybuilding maintained itself throughout the 20th century?
  • What outside forces beginning in the 1950s altered the direction of the bodybuilder’s diet?
  • Did science ever really enter bodybuilding or simply invade Physical Culture?
  • When did supplements arrive and how did they change bodybuilding nutrition?
  • Vince Gironda and Rheo Blair: legend, myth, or hype?
  • When did steroids actually first enter on the scene?
  • What were the only 2 true ages for the Iron Game and what “Classic Era” separated them?
  • Did the closing of the 1960s signal the beginning of the end of professional bodybuilding?







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