Volume I - Foreword - Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

Volume I – Foreword

I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Randy for several years now, ever since he first contacted me about an article he was writing on nutrition in bodybuilding.

While it was only supposed to be an article, I soon knew from the amount of material he was collecting and his unbridled enthusiasm for the project, that it would turn into a book. When I mentioned this to Randy he didn’t give it much thought but as time went on he soon began to feel, as I did, that the rapidly escalating information he was collecting and his desire to chronicle more than 100 years of bodybuilding history could not be contained in an article, no matter how big.

I had no doubt right from the start that Randy would succeed in his efforts to unravel the tangled and complex web that the history of bodybuilding presented. And I’ve watched over the years as Randy’s initial interest in doing a simple overview of bodybuilding nutrition in the form of an article turned to a 2 volume book exceeding 1,000 pages.

The amount of time and energy Randy has spent on this book is staggering and involved thousands of hours of collecting, interviewing and investigating all aspects of the history of bodybuilding.

The result of Randy’s dedication and hard work, coupled with his innate intelligence, honesty, and objectivity, is a groundbreaking book that separates fact from fiction and presents in a clear and concise manner the evolution of bodybuilding and its related nutrition over the last 100 years.

A book that not only follows the history of bodybuilding but also takes an objective and historical look at some of the most important issues that surround bodybuilding today, devoid of the subjectivism so common in this sport of conflicting egos, self-serving people, and power struggles.

This book is Randy’s magnum opus and one of the most important books ever written on bodybuilding. And I am honored to have played a small part in its evolution.

Mauro Di Pasquale, M.D.