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Mastery Of Writing

One mark of a really good writer is his ability to make meaningful transitions from one chapter to the next. I rarely see these connections, especially in nonfiction books. Randy, however, has mastered this technique. His transitions added much to his stories and reports. I am anxious to get into Volume II.   – Ellington […]

This Is A Must Read

To say ‘this is a must read’ is an understatement. I own hundreds of books on the subjects of fitness, anatomy, physiology, etc., but this is one book I am proud to have on my shelf. For over one hundred years, the fitness industry and the history of physical culture have been rife with ambiguity, […]

Herculean Effort

I cannot fully express to you how much I appreciate the Herculean effort it took to create what is a seminal work in our world. You have single-handedly preserved a huge chunk of our collective history. Your vision, tenacity, hard work and love for all of it is just fantastic. I am in awe of […]

Deserves To Be A University Text Book

This book is so well written and researched that it deserves to be a University text book for nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and physical educators. What I particularly liked about it, is that Randy blends the knowledge of many sciences to explain the evolution of nutrition/supplementation through the bodybuilding movement, from anthropology to Dr. Hawkins’s mapping […]