Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors Volume II - Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors
(728 pages)
  • Arnold’s impact
  • Was bodybuilding ushered into the mainstream through a false pretense?
  • Pumping Iron: What did it present?
  • The rise of Gold’s Gym!
  • What were the games being played behind The Game?
  • What catalysts initiated the transfer of the sport’s political power from York to the Weiders?
  • Who were the original MASTERS of the DRUGS? The answer may surprise many!
  • How did the chemical insurgence impact and change the sport FOREVER?
  • Did Arthur Jones HIT the nail on the head?
  • What impact did Nautilus really have?
  • What potential presented itself that could have changed the entire landscape of bodybuilding?
  • Was strength coaching really sports specific?
  • Did the 1970s signal coming change in bodybuilding nutrition?
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